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The Bigfoot Research Network is a system to network and organize objective research efforts in the Eastern United States.  This network is applying scientific methodology to search for, document, and analyze potential evidence of this phenomenon. 


Welcome to the Bigfoot Research Network. Sorry, we are no longer accepting new member applications.

Welcome to the Bigfoot Research Network web site. This volunteer Network is a cooperative effort of Bigfoot organizations, groups, and individual researchers working towards a common goal. 

The Bigfoot Research Network is currently conducting research in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.  We encourage you to report any information you may have on the Bigfoot subject within our research areas. For incident reports such as sightings, sounds, and footprints please fill out our online Report Form. Your information is important to our research and will be kept confidential.   

For more information about the Network, see the page titled General. The Directives page states the fundamental philosophy of the Bigfoot Research Network.

This site is currently incomplete and will be under construction and linked to search engines as time permits. For information on new updates, see the New Updates page.  


 The Bigfoot Research Network may be contacted through email at: 


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