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Bigfoot Incident Report Form

This is the Bigfoot Research Network's incident report form. If you have experienced something that may be related to a Bigfoot creature, such as a sighting, footprints, sounds, or other signs, it is very important to convey the information to us on this form. The information you provide will be held strictly confidential, unless you indicate otherwise in one of the questions below. The information you provide will be invaluable to our research of the creature. Please, fill out the form as completely and detailed as possible.  CAUTION: due to the length of this form, you may experience Internet "time-out" errors due to overloaded ISP's. This may cause the form not to load completely or submit correctly. Before you fill out the form, make sure you see a Submit button at the end of the form. After the form is submitted, if you don't see a confirmation page, your information was not sent.

Information required, to submit the form, is underlined.

Personal Information:
First Name:  Last Name:  Age:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip code:
Phone number: Email Address:
Do you have any relevant health conditions that we should know about?:Yes No
If yes, describe:
Education: Check only the highest level obtained.
below High School High School Trade/Tech School College
Check the following boxes that describe your regular outdoor activities:
Hiking Camping Backpacking Biking Running Boating Photography
Wildlife viewing Vehicle off-roading Trapping Hunting Fishing
Indicate your level of familiarity with wildlife identification, habits, signs, and sounds:
(0-5) level, 0=no skill, 5=expert
How did you hear about the Bigfoot Research Network?:

How may we share your personal information above?:
BRN directors only BRN qualified researchers Other researchers

Incident Details:
Type of incident: Check all that apply.
Sighting Sound Footprint Other signs
What was your belief level in Bigfoot before your experience (0-5)?:
Date and time of incident:
Month: Day#: Year#:  
Time (format  ##:## AM/PM): 

Lighting conditions: Check all that apply.
Bright daylight Shadows Twilight  Moonlight Pitch-dark
Weather conditions: 
Check all that apply.Clear Overcast Rain Snow Fog Windy
Outdoor Temperature in degrees F:

Exact location of incident: Give as much detail as you can.
State: County:  
Township: Nearest City: 
Nearest road and address:
Distance and direction form nearest road intersection or landmark:

GPS position if known:
Describe location: Check all that apply.
Residential Rural Wooded Fields Hilly Near water Near farms
How far away was the creature, in yards?:
Describe what the creature was doing, where it came from, and where it was going:

Did the creature see you?:Yes No Don't know Not applicable
If yes, how did it respond?:

Did you see the entire body of the creature?:Yes No Not applicable 
Did the creature make any sounds?: Yes No Not applicable
If yes, please describe the sounds as detailed as possible:

Did the sounds change locations or move?: Yes No
If yes, please describe how the sounds moved:

Have you heard these sounds, or similar sounds before?: Yes No
If yes, describe:

Did the creature leave any evidence behind?: Yes No Didn't check
If yes, describe the evidence, and indicate the direction of travel if known:

Did you notice any odors?: Yes No Not applicable
If yes, please describe:

Describe what the creature looked like as accurately as you can remember.
Height in Feet: Color: Estimated weight in LBS:
Describe all the details of what the creature looked like and how the creature moved; 
include: head shape, hair type, hair length, face, posture, eyes, arms, legs, etc.

Did you notice any other animals in the vicinity?: Yes No Don't Know
If yes, what animals and what was their reaction to the creature or incident:

How did the incident end and what did you do afterwards?:

What was the length of time of your experience?:
What were you doing before your experience and why were you there?:

Did you notice anything unusual before, during, or after the incident?:Yes No
If yes, describe:

Do you think the creature is still in the area?:Yes No Don't know
If yes, why:

Why do you think this incident was related to Bigfoot?:
How many people were with you?:  May we talk with them?:Yes No
Their names and phone numbers (if you want you may ask them to contact us):

How many people do you estimate were within a mile of the incident?:
Please relate any additional comments, or information about any photos, videos, recordings,
or casts that you may have that would further relate your report:
Have you reported this incident to anyone else?:Yes No
If yes, to whom and when:
Do you know of anyone else who had an experience with Bigfoot?:Yes No
If yes, briefly describe:

Have you heard of any other possible Bigfoot related incidents near the area of your incident?: Yes No
If yes, briefly describe:

How many times have you seen the creature before?:

How may we circulate your incident report? (This is separate from your personal information. If the incident location is the same as your personal address, we will limit detailed information in accordance with your wishes of confidentiality selected above.):
BRN directors only BRN qualified members Other researchers Newsletters

Thank you for your time and information, it will be of tremendous benefit in our research. You should be contacted by a BRN member shortly if we have additional questions.

If this report was submitted by a BRN member, enter your ID#:
If a BRN member, how was this report received?:

If you cannot electronically submit the form, it can be mailed to the following address with $0.68 postage, 5 pages ($0.34 postage if printed on both sides of paper, 3 pages): (No Title); PO Box 376; Newton Falls OH 44444

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