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Bigfoot Related:

The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group: Has been the major contributor to the development of the BRN. The OH/PA group maintains an email list which is currently, the only email list that will be used for public releases from the BRN. To join the email list, visit their web site for sign up details.


State and Research Region Specific:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Maryland Color Landform Atlas

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Ohio Division of Wildlife
Ohio State GIS Contacts
Ohio EPA GIS and GPS Information
Cleveland Digital Library
Ohio State University Center for Mapping

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Topographic and Geological Survey
Pennsylvania Field Office of the USFWS

Penn State Map Room
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
Pittsburgh National Weather Service

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
West Virginia DNR Wildlife Resources Section
West Virginia GIS Tech Center