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The Bigfoot Research Network

The Bigfoot Research Network was originally conceived by the Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group. The concept was first publicly discussed at the Eastern Sasquatch Researcher Meeting held in Kittanning, PA on September 18th, 1999. Those who attended, showed an overwhelming interest in the continued development of this Network. The Oh/Pa Bigfoot Research Group then accepted the responsibility to develop the organization and database system for this Network to assist members in proper research technique. The meeting attendees were asked to comment and make changes to the Network structure and forms during their development. A lot of work and consideration has gone into the development of this Network. The goal is to build a flexible, volunteer organization that allows for the participation of all members and their diverse ideas and personalities, and yet retains an objective scientific approach. The Bigfoot Research Network will be a major step forward in proper Bigfoot research, joining researchers who are serious about seeking the truth behind the Bigfoot phenomenon. The Network will also provide the public with accurate data about the subject based on the extensive database information obtained during the research process. The recent popularity of computers and the Internet has made it possible to effectively communicate like never before, finally making this Network possible. The Bigfoot Research Network membership and coverage will grow gradually at a manageable pace to maintain proper functionality.   

So what's the Network about, and why does Bigfoot research need it?

After 40 some years of "traditional" Bigfoot research in the United States and Canada, science has still not recognized that Bigfoot exists. This is because, very little evidence of Bigfoot has actually been found during the past 40 years that is acceptable to science. Yet, people continue to report seeing this creature throughout the US and western Canada. Certainly, there is a need for further research to find out what these people are experiencing. But, there is also a need for drastic changes in the way Bigfoot research in conducted. Individual and small group efforts working independently are probably not the best way to proceed. Collectively, researchers will be able to achieve what was very difficult and too time consuming as individuals. The Network in part will work with researchers to organize searches, organize efforts to obtain sighting reports, provide information of specialized equipment and techniques, and designate regions for research. The Bigfoot Research Network will also maintain a computer database of all reports and activities to organize and simplify the proper documentation of research efforts. For more information, read the directives and policies pages. 

Why should I contact the Bigfoot Research Network to report a Bigfoot experience?

For years, people who have had a Bigfoot experience, have had to choose who to contact, if anyone, to report their incident. Government agencies will most likely either: ignore your report,  file it away and do nothing, or on occasion contact a local Bigfoot researcher who has maintained contact with the agency. Searching the Internet, you will find so many researchers working independently, it's often difficult to make a wise choice. Why should you report something to them, what will they do with the report, how will it help me find out what I saw, will my report make any real difference, can I guarantee my confidentiality, what kind of group are they; are all questions a witness considers in their choice. The Bigfoot Research Network will represent many qualified researchers and organizations, all working under the same published policies and directives. If you contact someone who isn't a  Bigfoot Research Network member, you can only wonder what their real motives are. Our online report form is fairly detailed, but this is the only form you will need to fill out, and it will minimize further questions. Your report, to the Bigfoot Research Network, will then be conveyed to all available Network members. We will also keep you informed on the progress and conclusions made in your case. Your information is extremely important to us, will be kept confidential, and will be added to our secured computer database for future analysis. Those outside our current research regions, may still submit a report, but it is unlikely  we will be able to research it. 

How do I join the Bigfoot Research Network?

Read the Network policies and directives first. If you are serious about researching the Bigfoot subject and are over the age of 18, you may submit an application for membership. You do not have to have years of experience or hold a high degree to join. In fact, interested people who have not been overly exposed to Bigfoot research, have an advantage in being more objective.  You can choose the amount of time you are willing to devote, as long as you contribute some effort over a six month period. You may volunteer for a variety of jobs and select cases you wish to participate in. Extensive information for researchers will be eventually found on the member-only website, and a process will be available for members who want to add information to the site. Online forms, to expedite the reporting of your activities, are also located on the member's website. All active field research members need to live near our designated research regions. Only requests for positions other than field research, will be accepted from outside the designated research regions. Field researchers who would like to join the Network, outside our designated regions, may submit an application and be added to a list of potential research associates. When there is a sufficient number of interested researchers in a particular area, the region can be added to the Bigfoot Research Network.

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