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Bigfoot Research Network Member Application

Below is the application form for membership to the BRN. Before you start filling out the form, it is recommended that you carefully review the BRN directives and policies, and make sure you understand and agree with them.  All information on the form will be kept confidential according to the BRN security policy stated in the polices page. The form should be filled out as completely and honestly as possible, because the information will be kept in a database and be the basis of member organization. If you feel some questions are too personal, you may skip the question, but all questions  underlined are required to be completed for form submission and consideration. This form may seem lengthy, but in the long run, the information you provide here will save you from constant repetition of providing information needed to organize and work with others within the BRN. The information you provide will also go through an authenticity check process, so be sure you provide correct information. Understand that the BRN is under no obligation to accept your application. Your application will go through the BRN acceptance process, after which you will be notified if you are accepted or not. Upon acceptance, you will receive a new member package, which will detail how to access the BRN member web site and email system. The package will also include selected forms and support information. Allow two to four weeks for the application process.  CAUTION: due to the length of this form, you may experience Internet "time-out" errors due to overloaded ISP's.  This may cause the form not to load completely or submit correctly. Before you fill out the form, make sure you see a Submit button at the end of the form. After the form is submitted, if you don't see a confirmation page, your information was not sent.

Personal Information:

1)First Name: 2)Last Name: 3)Age:
4)Street Address:  
5)City: 6)State: 7)Zip code:  
8)Phone #: 9)Cell Phone #:  
10)Best time to call:   11)Work Phone #:  
13)Email Address:  
14)Frequency of Checking email:

15)Education: Check only the highest level obtained.
below High SchoolHigh SchoolTrade/Tech SchoolCollege
16)If college, indicate degree: check all that apply.BSMSPHD
17)Indicate degree types:
18)Years of military service:  
19)Type and rank:
20)Years of law enforcement:  
21)Type and rank:

22)Indicate any special skills or knowledge that you have which would be 
helpful to Bigfoot Research: 

23)Years in Bigfoot research:  
24)URL of Web site, if any:
25)Name of research organization that you direct, write none if none:

26)Past research organization names used, write none if none:

27)Bigfoot groups you currently associate with, write none if none:

28)Bigfoot groups you have associated with in the past, write none if none:

29)Indicate your present level of belief that Bigfoot exists?(0-5):
30)Rate your belief that Bigfoot is UFO/Paranormal related?(0-5):
31)Is an entire specimen of Bigfoot required for scientific proof?(0-5):
32)Your interest level in obtaining an entire specimen?(0-5):
33)Your preference for benign, unobtrusive Bigfoot research?(0-5):
34)Have you seen or experienced something related to Bigfoot?YesNo Maybe
35)Brief description of your Bigfoot experience(s) and evidence found:

36)How did you hear about the BRN?
37)What are your primary interests and goals for joining the BRN and towards
Bigfoot research?

Job Preferences:
Below is a list of job positions that you may apply for. You may select as many as you feel you are qualified to hold, or are sincerely interested in holding. Keep in mind, that you may be called on to complete a task where others will depend on the quality of your work. It is very important to know your limitations, work within them, and know when to ask for help, in order for you and the entire group to learn and progress. Your positions will be based on your input on this form and by a member voting process.

38)Job Preferences:
Directors Witness Interviewer Field Researcher Public Relations
Tracker Biologist Wildlife Expert Bioacoustic Specialist Artist
Forensic Examiner Reconnaissance Logistics Database Administrator 
Data Analysis Photographer Videographer Photographic Processing
Video Analysis Photo Analysis Media Relations Physical Science
Investigator Treasurer Journalist Technical Writer Skeptic
Historical Research Web Site Development Project Manager 
Special Projects Developer Sighting Report Generation Legal Adviser
Technical Adviser Primatology Consultant Anthropology Consultant
Old Sighting Reports Consultant Paranormal Consultant UFO Consultant

39)If you have access to a biology lab, indicate what types of analysis you
can do, or is available to you, at this lab:

Computer Information:
40)Where do you have Internet Access: Choose one you would use for the BRN.
Home Work School Library Friend None
41)What do you use to access the Internet?: If you use both, choose computer.
Computer (preferred) Web TV None 

Check all the boxes which represent the Hardware/Software available to you. 
Major Word Processor Database Spreadsheet Topo Maps Street Maps
GIS Mapping Professional Audio Editors Audio Sonogram Analysis
Photo Editor PDF File Conversion PDF File Reader Video Editor
Professional Video Editor/Enhancement Professional Video Capture 
Video Capture Scanner Soundcard Printer

Field Research:
Complete the following as completely as possible if you intend to participate
in field research.
43)Are you a smoker? No Yes
44)Do you have any health problems that would limit your field activities?
No Yes 
45)Explain condition:

46)Check the following boxes that describe your regular outdoor activities:
Hiking Camping Backpacking Orienteering Animal Tracking 
Biking Running Boating/Canoeing Vehicle Off-roading 
Photography Wildlife Viewing Bird Watching Fishing
Wildlife Photo/Video Wildlife Audio Recording Trapping
Hunting:Predator/Large Predator/Small Large Game (Elk and other)
        Deer Small Game
47)Indicate types and caliber weapons available to you:
48)Other regular outdoor activities:

49)Select the level of field research acceptable to you, assuming you would
have the time: 0=Partial day, 1=All day, 2=Some nighttime,
3=Overnight camping, 4=Multiple day with camping, 5=Extended week long 

50)Indicate your level of familiarity with wildlife identification, habits,
signs, and sounds (0-5, 0=no skill, 5=expert):  

51)Indicate your ability to find animals in the field (0-5, 5=expert):  

52)Indicate your visual acuity (uncorrected:corrected):

53)Indicate your fitness level (0-5):  
0=very poor, 1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent 

54)Indicate the number of hours/day you are comfortable hiking:

55)Indicate the amount of time you are available for field work (0-5):
0=1-2 times/year, 1=3-8 times/year, 2=9-18 times/year, 3=few times/month, 
4=few times a week, 5=everyday

56)Indicate the days/hours a week you are normally available, by using the 
following number scheme for each day of the week below.
0=not available, 1=some evenings, 2=some days, 3=evenings, 4=days
5=some days/evenings, 6=days/evenings
Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday:
Friday: Saturday:

57)Indicate your response time, and willingness to travel the below distances,
by using the following number scheme. 
0=not at all, 1=yearly, 2=few times/year, 3=monthly, 4=weekly, 5=weekends, 
<50 miles 50-99 mi. 100-249 mi. 250-500 mi. >500 mi.

58)Indicate your competence of evidence collection techniques, such as: hair,
blood, tissue, fecal sampling; footprint casting; and measurement of 
footprints and gait (0-5, 0=no skill, 5=expert):  

Field Equipment available to you:
59)Check all equipment that is normally available for your use. 
Still Camera Video Camera Tape Recorder Binoculars Compass
Spotlight Daypack Backpack Sleeping Bag Tent Spotting Scope 
Rain Gear Cooking Gear GPS Receiver Camouflage Clothing 
Tree Stands Cold Weather Gear Rock Climbing Equipment
2WD Vehicle 4WD Vehicle Mountain Bike ATV Boat/Canoe Skies
Snowshoes Snowmobile Horse 
Specialized Equipment:
Night Vision IR Filters IR Game Finder Thermal IR Viewer 
Remote Still Camera Remote Video Camera Amplified Microphone
Parabolic Dish Professional Tape Recorder DAT Recorder
MiniDisc Recorder Wireless Audio Wireless Video
Game Calls, Mouth Game Caller, Electronic Tracking Dogs 
Tranquilizer Equipment Radio Collar Equipment Special Traps
K-Darting Equipment Motion Detectors Seismic Detectors
Trail Crossing Detectors 
Mobile Communications:
Cell phone
Two way radios: Family Radio Svc. (Preferred) CB 49MHZ Other
60)Other Equipment available to you:

61)Would you allow any of your equipment to shared with other members?
Yes No Maybe

Now, decide how you would like to restrict your information availability to the different levels of the BRN. For more information, on what the different levels are, see the policies page. All of the questions on this entire form are numbered. In the boxes below refer to the number of the question to select what you would like restricted for each level indicated. You may use list formats (i.e. #,#,#,#), group formats (i.e. # - #),or combinations of both. You cannot restrict what goes to level one.

62)Information to be withheld from BRN level 2?:

63)Information to be withheld from BRN level 3?:

64)Info. to be withheld from BRN level 4/5?:

Disclaimer Acknowledgement:
When this form is sent with your name, you are automatically accepting the following agreement (sign the form, if you are sending a hardcopy): You accept that the Bigfoot Research Network is a volunteer/unpaid effort. You will abide by all Network policies. Network directives, Network policies, and member security levels are at the discretion of the Network directors. All information entered into the BRN database will be the property of the Network members and may be used at their own discretion in accordance with the Network policies. You will not hold the Bigfoot Research Network or any of its members responsible for any direct or indirect injuries, legal problems, time or financial losses, or any other damages to you, your property, or the people you are with. In other words, you are solely responsible for your own actions and conduct, and are required to use your own discretion when acting on any information provided. This is not meant to alarm anyone, but is only a standard precaution for all of our protection.

If you cannot electronically submit the form, it can be mailed to the following address with $0.68 postage, for 6 pages ($0.34 postage if printed on both paper sides, 3 pages): (No Title); PO Box 376; Newton Falls OH 44444

Copyright 2000-2002 Bigfoot Research Network.  All rights reserved.  Revised: March 12, 2002